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Tipi Valley, South Wales

So, I've decided to spend a few days living in Tipi Valley in South Wales and taking photographs. The place is semi-legendary, a community of about 100 people living in Indian tents in a remote valley in South Wales. The camp was an offshoot of the community that congregated at the Stonehenge free festivals in the early 1970s and is seen as part of the the so-called 'hippy invasion' of Wales in that era. I've been talking to one of the founders of the camp - Rik Mayes - a former church minister who has lived there for decades. He's been extraordinarily welcoming if a little vague. Sure, come and stay was the basic message, but few details beyond that.

Finding the place is notoriously difficult. Don't come at night, is one warning: "You'll get lost because it gets rather wild up here". The only guidance is a postcode for the sat nav which produces a not entirely comforting result (see above).

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